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Ready to grow and scale your real estate business but you're using your own money on your fix n flips, wholesale deals and rental properties?

Ever put a property under contract and shortly thereafter terminated the contract because you couldn't line up 100% of the funding?

Do you see the value in raising private money but you're worried no one is going to lend on your deals because you don't have any experience, credit or liquidity?

Tired of being told you've got to have "skin in the game"? 

(I'm raising my hand with the answers!)
I get it. I've been there too which is why I created PML Excel! This is for the new or experienced investor working in the business full time or part time. Welcome to your mini course on knowing how to CONFIDENTLY raise private money without having to "ask" your friends and family members!

There are so many common fears and objections when it comes to knowing how to raise private money. This is why I have created an easy to follow, done for you, step by step system for you to implement ASAP. I break down my Private Money Presentation, page by page, and show you exactly how to build rapport and trust with prospective private money lenders.
STOP missing out on amazing investment opportunities because you don't have access to private money. Implement PML Excel TODAY and start seeing results TOMORROW!
Hi, I'm Amy!

I'm an expert Real Estate Investor & Educator, Best-Selling Author, HGTV Personality & Keynote Speaker. I've worked with thousands of real estate investors all over the country helping them build, fund, and scale their real estate business.

The idea for this PML Excel workshop came to me in the form of a question I asked myself when I first got started 10 years ago..."WHAT was the ONE thing holding back most investors from growing and scaling their real estate business so that they could spend more time doing the things they really wanted to do? How could they ensure they always had 100% of the funding lined up for their deals (purchase price, renovation AND carrying costs!) so that they never had to walk away from another deal?"

I went on a quest and created steps, systems and scripts required to CONFIDENTLY approach the RIGHT private money lenders without having to rely on your friends and family members. These are the same steps, systems and scripts that I used to raise over $20 Million in private money in my own business. 

You too can have access to this EXACT SAME SYSTEM TODAY!
The strategies I share inside of PML Excel are the same ones I used to complete over $60 Million dollars in wholesale deal and fix n flip transactions all over the country. I no longer have to worry about the "money problem" and can focus on finding the next deal and continuing to build my power team. I no longer need to scramble for financing last minute with the worry of having to cancel the contract because I didn't have enough liquidity or "skin in the game." 

They're the same creative networking strategies I tested and implemented in order to buy, renovate and sell 10 properties during my first year as a new investor while still working a full time job. 

They're the same strategies that so many 6, 7, and 8 figure real estate investors use

And they're the same strategies I've shared with THOUSANDS of real estate investors all over the country.  

Now, I want to teach it to YOU! Click HERE to access PML Excel today and start seeing results tomorrow! 


What you get when you sign up:

  • A 5 module online course - Learn how to raise private money WITHOUT depending on your friends or family members!
  • In-depth expert training - Go in-depth with Amy to master this skill so you feel CONFIDENT approaching private money lenders with your investment OPPORTUNITIES.
  • My proprietary Private Money Presentation – Use this done for your credibility piece in a group or 1:1 setting as you continue to build rapport and trust with each of your private money lenders. 

Get all this for just $197 when you enroll today! 

"We raised $490,000 within 72 hours by implementing just a few of Amy's creative networking systems! I never thought that I'd be able to raise money from someone who wasn't a part of my existing network. She's killin it!"   

-Devinne B & Justin B, Founders of Just Divine Properties

“Happy to report that Amy's PML presentation deck template is very effective! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
I just tweaked it to include my company info. I have used it twice with my syndication investors and landed new PMLs in both meetings totally $100K.
Last week on 4.5 hour flight to San Diego, I was seated next to a president of large company and I mentioned I was a real estate investor. He asked me to share more so I pulled up the PML deck on my laptop and reviewed it with him.  
He was impressed and said he is a PML. He has $500K in a deal in LA that only pays him 9% and he has to call the borrower to get updates on his money. He is my new best friend and plans to invest with me once his LA deal pays out in four months.
You are the best!🤩"   

-Matt H

“Thank you Amy for your mentorship and support, I closed my first property with a lender I have never met and seen. They trusted my voice, my credibility package that came from you and probably my limited social media stuffs. Your training gave me the confidence to discuss and answer all their questions. Thank you again!!! Let’s go get some more. " 

-Philip Y, Director of Sales and Marketing at Victory Star Solutions

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