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Ready to grow and scale your real estate business but you're not sure if the property you're considering is actually a deal?  

Ever put a property under contract and shortly thereafter terminated the contract because it didn't end up being a deal after all?

How do we know if we have a SOLID DEAL to wholesale or fix n flip?

(I'm raising my hand with the answers!)
I get it. I've been there too, which is why I created the PAT Stat course!

This is your Property Analysis Template mini course about knowing how to ACCURATELY and CONFIDENTLY analyze deals before you get out there and line up the funding. 

There are so many common “mistakes” a.k.a lessons learned when it comes to properly analyzing a deal. This is why I have created a step by step system for you to follow. I break down my proven system, line item by line item, and show you exactly HOW to obtain the information required. I also show you WHERE to obtain the information from in order for you to QUICKLY determine whether or not you have a deal. 
STOP missing out on amazing investment opportunities because you're spending too much time analyzing deals that don't make sense. Implement PAT Stat TODAY and start seeing results TOMORROW!

PAT Stat 

...and level up your real estate investment business THIS WEEK.

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"Amy is such an inspiration! Her course and her expertise elevate everyone in her program. The course content is NEXT LEVEL, clear and purposeful."   

-Ahmad M, Founder of The Merritt Group

“Thank you for your guidance and genuine interest in seeing us succeed Amy Mahjoory! Follow the systems and keep pushing everyone! You can do it!" 

-Amanda F, Co-Founder of Nopali Properties

“I have used Amy's PAT on several evaluations of properties. I think it's saved me from jumping on some bad deals.

-Rodger M, Founder of Rise-Up Investment Solutions LLC

Why PAT Stat and what in the world does it mean?!

Hi, I'm Amy!

I'm an expert Real Estate Investor & Educator, Best-Selling Author, HGTV Personality, Networking Coach & Keynote Speaker. I've worked with thousands of real estate investors all over the country helping them build, fund, and scale their real estate business.

The idea for this PAT STAT template came to me in the form of a question I asked myself recently..."WHERE was I spending so much of my time when I first got into real estate and WHY was it taking me so long to put properties under contract?!"

I went on a quest and created formulas and identified all of the cross functional team members required to QUICKLY gather the RIGHT information for my property analysis (PAT) template. I worked with numerous data consultants to create my detailed cost variable template (aka PAT) that now allows to me to analyze deals in less than 2 minutes by only having to fill out 7 cost variables. THAT'S IT – Really! 

You too can have access to the EXACT SAME TEMPLATE TODAY!

What you get when you sign up:

  • A 3 module online course - Learn how to quickly analyze deals so you can stay ahead of your competition and make more money!
  • In-depth expert training - Go in-depth with Amy to master this skill so you can be confident and accurate with your analysis
  • My proprietary PAT Stat Template – Use this tool to analyze future deals in as little as 2 minutes. 

Get all this for just $37 when you sign up today! 
(a $250 value!)

The strategies I share inside of PAT Stat are the same ones I used to complete over $40 Million dollars in wholesale deal and fix n flip transactions all over the country. I can now analyze a deal in less than 2 minutes with my PAT Stat system as opposed to taking 3, 5 or 7 days (sometimes longer!) to analyze a deal. Its all about the speed of implementation so the longer it takes us to analyze a deal, then the closer someone else gets to putting the property we have our eye on under contract.  

They're the same strategies I tested and implemented in order to buy, renovate and sell 10 properties during my first year as a new investor while working a full time job for Dell. 
This paved the way towards raising over $16 Million in private money because I had more deals coming in than I had planned on - I had created this massive time saver when it came to analyzing deals (the short cut was PAT STAT!) so I was able to quickly analyze more properties in just 1 hour which allowed me to put more homes under contract than I ever planned. 

They're the same strategies that so many 6-, 7-, and 8-figure real estate investors use And they're the same strategies I've shared with THOUSANDS of real estate investors all over the country.  

Now, I want to teach it to YOU! Click the button below to access PAT Stat today and start seeing results tomorrow! 


"The systems Amy has in place are easy to follow. She lays it all out for you. The only way to fail is to NOT take action."   

-Cassandra M, Founder of SJ&E Home Solutions

“Thank you Amy for your mentorship and support, I closed my first property. 
Let’s go get some more." 

-Philip Y, Director of Sales and Marketing at Victory Star Solutions

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